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Pest control companies are different. There are those which are experienced in bat removal projects and those that are only conversant with methods of bat control. Others use inhumane pest control methods, e.g. traps and fumigants as long as they get the job done. We, Pest Control Oakland, stand out.  Call us on ​​(510) 900-5995 for any inquiries

Our Bat Removal Principles

  • Only live bat exclusions are carried out
  • No toxins, chemical sprays or other substance that may kill bats are used
  • We do not try to chase away the bats or to trap them
  • Bat removal should never be done during maternity season
  • All bat entry points should be sealed with no compromise
  • The entire bat habitat should be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated after bat exclusion
  • Only licensed and insured Oakland bat control experts should be assigned any bat exclusion project
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    ​​The process of removing bats from your home is not easy. If you entrust inexperienced personnel to do the project for you, you will only get frustrated. Also, take note that bat removal using poison or any other method that may harm them is prohibited in California. Only hire experts who will humanely remove the bats using live bat exclusion. Dial ​(510) 900-5995 today for free estimates.

    Step By Step Guide For Removing Bats From Attics

    Step 1

    Inspect your house to find out all entry and exit points of bats. Also take note of the bats’ species, their exact habitat, and the magnitude of damage they have caused. Bats normally fly out in the evening and come back in the morning.

    Step 2

    Seal all secondary entry points of bats. These are holes that bats do not frequently use to get into your attic but can act as potential entry points. Any hole that is about half an inch should be sealed at this point

    Step 3

    Install one-way entry and exit devices on all primary entry and exit points. These are those holes that bats mostly use to get in and out. This step is dependent on your findings on step one. If the inspection stage was wrongly done, the exclusion process will not be effective.

    Step 4

    After ensuring that all the bats are out, remove all exclusion devices and seal the entry points.

    Step 5

    Clean all bat droppings to prevent any further damage to your drywall.
    The above process needs 100% accuracy; otherwise, you may never succeed in completely removing bats from your home. Instead of taking chances such a delicate procedure, we highly recommend that you hire an expert.

    Why Is Oakland Bat Control The Best?

    • Every project is guaranteed to give 100% success.
    • Our control method is humane and effective
    • We inspect the entire house to locate any entry points, professionally seal them and re-inspect the house to locate and repair any damages they may have caused. We finish by offering thorough cleaning services to remove any litter left.
    • We are properly licensed and insured.

    Give us a call on (510) 900-5995 for a price estimate. 

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    a picture of Oakland bat
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