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We are committed to beating all of the local pest control company’s services!

We can inspect your pest problem same day, or within 24 hours of your call, and we offer the most efficient pest solutions. 

Trapping, fumigating, baiting, deodorizing, repelling, exclusion, sanitizing, cleaning, exterminating, preventing, spraying, and satisfying, it’s all part of the business plan.

Some of the pests we deal with include: ants, beetles, spiders, bees, wasps, roaches, fleas, ticks, hornets, mice, rats, spiders, raccoons, skunks, possum, birds, moths, silverfish, crickets, grasshoppers, squirrels, skunks.

We also can do weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual pest prevention for residential and commercial.

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    Maria has spent much of her life working for the brand name Pest & Termite companies. After perfecting her skills, she noticed that there was an open availability in the market for a company that could handle all of the residential and commercial business pest control needs. 

    Carrying over 20 years of Pest Control experience, Maria is the owner, and runs much of the ins and outs of Mighty Men Pest Control. Compared to many of the niches in other markets, there is now a company that can handle all of the pest services rather than one that just does cockroaches. After proving to the northern Contra Costa County people that Mighty Men Pest Control is the easiest, and one of the most cost effective companies that services pest control and extermination, we like to think that Maria made a pretty good decision

    As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we service many of the main pests, as well as some of the minors. We treat shrubs and structures, kick out rodents, bugs, and other animals, as well as performing trapping and removal. Whether it be cockroaches, rats, mice, birds, raccoons, ants, or spiders, we’re going to have your back, and your pocket in mind. 

    Make sure to keep yours, your family’s, your business, and your customer’s health in mind and remove any and all hazards that prevent you from doing so by calling and partnering with the most reliable exterminators in the Bay area. 

    We believe the client is our boss, and as long as we carry that belief, our customers are always going to be satisfied. 


    Born in the Bay area, Maria has worked for many of her family’s businesses growing up. Starting at the age of 12, she learned at a young age what it takes to manage, and create a successful business.

    After working for many years for some of the big guys in pest control, Maria wanted to create a company that tackles all kinds of pest problems and not exclude some of the services.

    Maria always goes the extra mile for her clients and makes it her duty to build a relationship and support her customers in their local businesses and communities.

    Maria is a big lover of football and loves to come home after a day of work and relax and play with with her dogs.

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