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It is hard to notice Norway rats in your property at all. Norway rats have a distinct appearance, compared to a lot of different rat species. If you happen to notice a rat running around in your residence with a brownish/yellowish fur than there is a good chance it’s a Norway rat, call Oakland’s best Norway rat control company today for any of your concerns. (510) 900-5995

Norway rats are rather large in body size compared to roof rats. The Norway rat tail size is typically a lot smaller than a roof rat’s tail. If you see Norway rats in your house or residence there’s a good chance there looking for a source of food. Unlike other rats, Norway rats need a water source to survive properly. Sometimes rats will survive without water for long duration’s of time, but not the Norway rat.

The Norway rat life cycle is not very long. Adult Norway rats never live longer than a full year. Similar to other rats, Norway rat reproduction cycle occurs all year round. The problem with Norway rats, is how easy it is for one rat to turn into hundreds. Norway rats have three to eight litters per year. Out of those litters, anywhere from eight to twelve Norway rat babies will emerge.

​To become completely sexually mature, Norway rats only take about two to four months. After three months, Norway rat babies will be mature enough to live their lives. Although Norway rats prefer to stay close to each other in their own burrows, dens, and networks it is not uncommon to see Norway rats enter a building for shelter in cold, winter days.

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    There are several Norway rat infestation indicators. Upon the first Norway rat being seen in your house or business is enough to believe a infestation is happening. People always want to know how to get rid of Norway rats, but fail to understand what led them into the building. By nature, Norway rats are outdoor rodents, who like backyards, orchards, gardens, sheds, garages, and other outdoor structures.

    To stop the bleeding so to speak for infestations, a professional Norway rat technician must be present. Once a professional rat exterminator is able to survey the property, than the best plan for elimination will be communicated. It is important to have all extermination options open for everyone to understand. Everyone’s Norway rat infestation situation is different. Some people have infants, young children, or pets and don’t want to jeopardize a lethal threat to their loved ones.

    Rat trapping and baiting are the two of the best methods of elimination. In some cases, using both the strategies could be the best plan. Rat poison is never a good option if you have pets or young children around. After rats have been properly exterminated, a rat removal specialist will have to dispose of the rodent and clean up the surrounding area.

    ​To protect your property against further Norway infestation problems, sealing up any easy openings in the building structure is a good idea. It’s important to have the knowledge of a professional to consult you through the whole process. If you’re experiencing the headaches of Norway rat infestation, then having the professional expertise of an exterminator is crucial. Give us a call today to set up an appointment! (510) 900-5995

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