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Flies are one of the grossest insects to be dealing with in a household, and especially a food establishment. When flies abruptly arrive, there is a good chance many of them are coming from the same few mothers that laid the eggs.

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House flies in particular will lay their eggs in garbage, feces, or other nasty material that we humans usually want no part of. This allows them to progress relatively untouched if not noticed. soon enough. After laying the eggs, the eggs will develop into maggots, and will remain in that state until they develop into a red-brown pupae after a few days, and then into the common house fly that will live for up to a month.

Since flies are born out of the filth of garbage and feces, they carry tons of germs with them, and often will bring those germs onto whatever they land on. When they feed, they soak their food in their saliva and basically slurp it up, nasty huh?

Flies are something no homeowner likes dealing with, no restaurant likes affecting the cleanliness of their company, and no customer wants to see flying around in their meal. If you are having a problem with house flies, get a hold of Oakland’s best fly control squad and call today at (510) 900-5995.

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    Fly control starts with identifying the site where they are breeding, and preventing them from breeding further. Since they would regularly lay their eggs in decayed material, feces, and garbage, it’s important to cover up food and pet feed, pick up waste regularly, and keeping a cover on the trash can greatly reduce flies from breeding effectively. We will remove fly breeding sites after spotting them. The major thing that we do with ongoing fly problems come from repairing torn screens, broken entryways, too large of the area underneath doorways, and other repair problems.

    Other effective fly control techniques for house flies, fruit flies, and other flying critters may include using fly bait, traps, and/or insecticides.

    To start to identify whether or not you are on the brink of a house fly infestation, or even in the midst of one is by seeing the common signs. Visible adult flies flying around are the first major sign, of fly infestations. What is the major thing to worry about though, is the breeding result of flies, maggots, larvae, and pupae. If pupae, maggots, and larvae are observed, that means that flies have already laid eggs days before that have hatched and are in the process of developing into adults.

    House flies live for up to a month, and become adults after about 10 days following the laying of eggs.

    Flies commonly carry many diseases, and have had a history of transferring of a hundred of different types of pathogens. Since fly eggs are laid on feces, trash, and other decaying materials, they are susceptible and often do carry these diseases from the beginning of their lives.

    House flies are truly bothersome, and the fact that they can transfer diseases, most people want to get rid of flies. (510) 900-5995 to get a free quote today. 

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