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You have reached the home of the best and most effective pest exterminators in Richmond, CA. Pest control and extermination have been our area of expertise for the last 20 years now, and every client that we have worked with always talks highly of our company making other companies look like a shadow to us.

Well, our perfection, experience and skills have earned us all the accolades as we never disappoint.

If you need the assistance of our experience, give us a call so we can book a time to meet and help you out!

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Our staff members and the team of exterminators are highly trained professionals known never to leave a trail of pests or even bleeding grounds.

​ We are known to do a thorough job like we will never do it again, this is just a part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. This is because professionalism is our second name.

Be a part of the success story by calling us, Pest Control Richmond, through (510) 900-5995 and let us plan for a free inspection of the infested cockroaches, rodents, spiders, insects, beetles, and any other annoying animals.

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    For the last twenty years, we have endeared ourselves to the residents of Richmond, CA and today, we boast of the largest database of clients, both new and returning. We use nothing else but the most efficient and environmental-friendly pest control solutions for your business or property, be it your home or commercial entities or any other property.

    When you come to us or call us or leave your contact details, we’ll plan together for an inspection tour of your premises. We then send a licensed inspector who performs a free full inspection to determine the pest control needs. With the inspector, you can discuss all the treatment options that we have and answer all your questions, leaving you with a written and free quote and estimations.

    When you are fully satisfied, and decided on buying our service, we set off to do the service, a thorough work that leaves no trail of the pests. However, despite the use of chemicals, you should never get worried. The products that we use are friendly to both your children and pets. Where we are forced to use very high-quality chemicals, we ensure that we use all the necessary tools at our disposal to solve all your pest menace, at the same time, protecting your family and pets.

    Call us today, and your problem with ants, rodents, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, ticks, bees and wasps will be a thing of the past. Our number is (510) 900-5995, or you can contact us by filling in the quotation form on this page, and we shall call you back.