Rats, mice, moles, voles, and squirrels


Rodents should never be something to stress about. Pick up the phone and dial these digits (510) 900-5995 You need an experienced rodent control company to handle this for you. Exterminating rodent families should never be at the top of your daily tasks. Don’t waste important time and money trying to figure how to kill these unwanted infestations. We get it, we understand, no one likes an infestation. Let us do the dirty work for you, so you can stay clean and healthy. Taking unnecessary risks when it comes to getting rid of rats and mice is something to avoid at all costs. Don’t wait any longer, open your phone up and reach out to us at (510) 900-5995

A rat and mouse won’t care if they’re entering your property without an invitation. These creatures are very curious, and will take advantage of any opportunity to enter a property through a door, crack in the wall, window, attic, garage, basement, or sewage system. If you suspect or even see a rat or mouse in your house or business, there is a strong chance that many more may around. Food and water is what attracts these rodents indoors. For this reason alone, it should be important to maintain a clean kitchen and property at all costs. (510) 900-5995

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    1. If you see or hear rats or mice, this may be enough to tell you there’s a big problem on hand. Typically, they don’t like to be out in the open exposed to people and commotion. If you suspect or see them, a professional must first come on site to inspect the whole property. There is a reason the rodents are in the property, there is an opening/entry point somewhere in the structure that allows for easy access. When easy entrance openings are found, it’s crucial to cover up and eliminate the access with concrete, screening, cement, or fencing material. Without a proper inspection done there will be no way to plan the extermination process.
    2. Once a rodent control inspection has a occurred and there is a general understanding of where the infestation is, our experts will do everything to exterminate. When it comes to getting rid of a rodent population the two best elimination techniques are baiting and trapping. If there was more methods to help, we would use them. For some people baiting may not be the best idea if pets are around. Everyone’s situation is different. Generally speaking, we’ve found the most success with a combination of the two methods. At first, baiting rats and mice might be the best idea. Baiting will help to quickly slow down the growth of a family. Rat and mouse trapping is very strategic on the other hand. It is crucial to find the best size and find the best locations to place these traps. What good is a trap, if it’s not in the best place? It isn’t. Our professionals will know how to locate traffic and activity. This will not be a problem. A combination of baiting and trapping is best when effectively done.
    3. The last step to getting rid of rats and mice, is having a removal and prevention plan ready. It’s one thing to kill the rodents, but if you don’t have the right techniques to remove and prevent these animals from continuing to infest, than what good is it to hire a rodent control company in the first place? There are many sanitary risks and dangers when dealing with any dead animal. Our company will know what to do when rodents must be cleaned up. Prevention is super important. A big part of preventing any future problems is having the ability to locate entrances quickly and blocking any possible way for future entrance, much like the first step.

    It’s so easy and free to simply clean your space. When there is a lot of clutter and junk laying around, rodents will jump on the chance to squeeze in and hide. There are so many places around your property where you least suspect to find a furry friend. Take the time to look around. Once we take over the situation we will inspect, exterminate, remove, and prevent any future problems. Dial this number, (510) 900-5995. There are three steps to getting rid of rodents for good.