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Wasps are one of the bay areas most major nuisances and pests that homes and businesses alike are forced to deal with throughout the year. Common known wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are a major pain to deal with, as they are able to sting and cause great pain to family and pets that intrude on what they believe is “their territory.” Call (510) 900-5995 for help with wasp control.

Wasps are winged insects that are commonly of black colors along with yellows, greens, and blues, with a wide range in sizes depending on the species and the community. 

Wasps may appear in colonies where they reproduce with one another at their own choosing and will lay their eggs that they do not have to look over once they hatch. Once wasps start laying eggs over the area and scope of a property, they will turn from being solitary insects into social ones that will create a large nest and terrorize animals and humans nearby. 

When wasps feel threatened, they will look to sting the species that they feel threatened by.

Wasps start much of their reproduction in the summer where they will thrive in the fall, and many will die in the winter, and then eggs and wasps species will thrive again in the spring and summer of the following year. 

Wasp signs are very visible and easy to spot because you will have to see wasps to know whether or not they are around. If you see the wasp, often times it will be just worker wasps that will build the nest for it’s queen which is working on reproducing eggs for the rest of the colony.

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    When we are called onto the job for a wasp problem, first off we will get you a thorough inspection and identify where the wasps are. After this, we will create a plan to take out the nests and all the wasps nearby. We will explain what our course of action is to taking care of the wasps to the homeowner or the business owner, and help educate them in what we are doing in case they want to exterminate the wasps the next time they become a nuisance.

    Using the best types of wasp exterminator techniques, equipment, and chemicals, we are able to take wasp infestations everytime we come across one in the bay area. Using trapping, lighting, insecticide, and physically removing the nests of the wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, whatever stinging insect it may be, we will have your property looking like it never had an insect problem to begin with!

    After we exterminate the wasps, we will provide prevention techniques to help prevent the wasps from coming and making their structural nest ever again. We will also locate during the process of wasp control on what exactly it was that was causing the wasps to come onto the property and stay while. Sometimes, wasps are attracted to human food and will thrive off of eating some of the things located in garbages, or other plants nearby. 

    We do take special care when dealing with wasps and treating hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, and other species when providing our pest control services. We will use protective equipment that covers our eyes, arms, legs, face, and hands, and  make sure to get rid in the midst of the wasps to effectiveley eradicate them from the property. 

    Wasps do have some uses in modern day society. Some agricultural people use wasps as a major predator for other insects that may cause harm to their agricultural processes. 

    Some wasp species that are common place in the United States included the great black wasp, ground wasp, mud dauber wasp, paper wasp, red wasp, wood wasps, and other European wasps. While some wasps species are solitary wasps, meaning they travel on their own and do not regularly congregate with other wasp species other than to reproduce, the wasp infestations that we are commonly called upon for are for the social wasps species. Depending upon the species of wasps, upon tearing down the wasp nests, we will spray the remaining adult wasps.

    Wasps have a tough exoskeleton, which is why we use chemicals to take them out.

    Wasps will commonly build nests close to buildings where they are tons of stinging incidents that will take place close to the building. Wasp colonies continue to breed once they build their nest, and particularly well if they are not handled early or even noticed in a timely manner. Wasps will build their nests in roof spaces or in other crevices. 

    Hornets are a type of wasp that are usually way more difficult to get rid of than paper wasps. Hornets are very dangerous and quick insects to deal with They nest looks protects the inside of the species where not all of the hornets inside are commonly seen. If you go into the hornet nest unprepared, you will regret it for weeks after. Hornets attack hard and sting rapidly. It’s important for us that we wear a full suit when dealing with hornet infestations. Even dealing with dead hornets is dangerous because their stingers can still be active and ready to stick you. 

    Nobody wants to have to deal with wasp stings anymore. Get rid of the wasps today and hire a professional insect exterminator to remove all signs of these stinging insects. Get a free quote for removal today and fill out the form above or call (510) 900-5995