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Perhaps the most unsightly pest to see in your home, the cockroach. Nobody is happy to see a cockroach scurrying around in their house.
At some point in life, you are very likely to encounter a cockroach. Roaches are the one of the most abundant breed of insects in the world. There are thousands of different types of cockroach species throughout the world, while there are only a few breeds of cockroaches that people would consider a pest. 

Most cockroaches prefer to live out of human’s way, but the few types of cockroaches that are regarded as pests, especially here in California, are sure abundant in population. Cockroaches range in many sizes inside a home, from the size of a nickel, to the size of a cheeto-puff, or about 3 inches long. They are very adapted to live in many kinds of environment, and throughout any season. And being a nocturnal creature, it may take you awhile to you even see one in your home.

​Cockroaches are very social insects, and usually always move in large groups. If you see one cockroach, do a very in-depth sweep of your home and look to locate if there are any other roaches nearby. The biggest worry we always have is if you see one a couple cockroaches, there could be quite a lot more hiding nearby. To get the best cockroach inspection for cockroach infestations in Oakland, CA, give us a call at (510) 900-5995

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    German Cockroaches are one of the most common species of cockroach that you may find in your home. It is one of the smaller species of cockroach, with a size of about a half inch long. These types of roaches vary in colors from a dark black to a light tan color. These kinds of cockroaches can actually fly, and while it is not much, it helps them quickly get away when they are disturbed.

    German cockroaches can commonly be found among human dwellings. One of the most disturbing thing for a restaurant patron to see when visiting a restaurant is a cockroach. German cockroaches are frequent restaurant, hotel, public events, and residential home visitors. If there is food available, and the cockroaches have an easy way to move towards it, they can commonly take over these areas very quickly.

    Since German cockroaches commonly travel in groups, and are a fast reproducing pest, it’s important to kill the cockroaches as early as possible before the population explodes. In just a matter of a week, if a small cockroach infestation is not quelled as early as possible, you could be fighting a whole bunch of their roach buddies who heard about the available property.

    German cockroaches can be identified by a few distinguishing features they carry that help separate them from related cockroaches. For one, if they are in your home it certainly narrows it down to only a few species of roaches. German cockroaches have noticeable wings, but are certainly not as adept flyers as their related cousins, the Oriental Cockroach, and American Cockroach. German cockroaches will also frequently be in warm environments where they thrive. If you like to keep your home on the toasty side, german roaches would love to join you.


    When given a small window of time to survive cockroaches start to reproduce at an extremely fast rate. This is where killing a cockroach infestation starts to get a little dicey. When cockroaches reproduce and create their eggs, which they usually will do in batches of 20-50, those eggs have the potential to become fully grown and sexually reproductive insects in a matter of 50 days. Cockroaches become increasingly harder to kill at the point they begin to reproduce. Even once you kill some roaches, they may have laid eggs that will soon become grown cockroaches in days, and you could very well be starting an ongoing war with a cockroach population.

    One of the easiest decisions you could make is to schedule a cockroach inspection as soon as you catch sight of a cockroach in your home. At the very least, a roach inspector can see if they can find any signs of a growing cockroach population and kill them before they continue to grow. The costs will be much lower and much less stress on your end than waiting a couple days and trying to fight them on your own, and before you know it, the cockroaches are outnumbering you by the hundreds. Don’t let life get scary that easily, call a cockroach exterminator or a roach inspector now at (510) 900-5995.

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