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Pests are not only everywhere but they can cause havoc on your entire household. This is despite the fact that there is need for all of us to live in households that are hygienic and free of diseases. If you would to like to get rid of pests in your home, you need to get in touch with our pest control services.

Why Hire Us

For over 20 years, we have been in the business of pest control and we take our work seriously. This is the reason why our portfolio boasts of thousands of customers who are satisfied with our services. Whether you want to get rid of cockroaches, rats or ants, you can rely on us to rid your home of these unwelcome visitors. We recommend that you engage us after every 3 months if you want a healthy and safe environment in your home.

​We can provide free estimates of service that our Oakland pest control company can do over the phone when you call (510) 900-5995 or fill out the quote form on this page. 

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    ​We use science-based approaches to eradicate your home of pests and to ensure that future pest problems do not arise again. During the visit, we use a wide range of processes to:

    • Assess inspection. If you have seen a pest anywhere and need assistance in protecting your home, we will begin with an inspection of the home. During our first visit, we will thoroughly inspect the home and where we find it necessary; we will bring in our state-of-the-art equipment. These include telescoping cameras, moisture meters and the UV lights in identifying the risk areas like the entry point, cracks and leaks. It is important to note that a thorough inspection will take around one hour. After the inspection, we will complete a report outlining your problem and recommend a solution that is tailored to meet your need.
    • Implementing
    • ntrol solution. Our next step will be to implement any solution that we identified during the inspection and install the necessary tools for monitoring pests in the critical areas. We will use the best scientific solutions and tools to ensure that we have gotten to the root of the problem so that we can treat the pest issue in an efficient and thorough way.
    • We keep monitoring the problem. You should bear in mind that it is possible for the pest problem to keep recurring. This means that pest control should not be a onetime affair. We will ensure that we keep monitoring how the previous treatment is doing. If we notice a new infestation, we will investigate and continue documenting the problem and progress to ensure that you have a good maintenance approach. Whether it is during summer, winter or even fall, we will ensure that you have a long-term success in controlling these unwanted guests to your home.

    Our guarantee:
    Once you hire the best pest control company Oakland, we can guarantee you that:

    • We will send trained technicians to protect your family and home from pests
    • You will get 100% or you will get your money back
    • Superb customer service around the clock

    We provide our pest control services to premises such as:

    • Residential premise. When you call us to your home, we will employ our highly trained expert to take care of your pest problem.
    • Commercial premises. You will not like the idea of your business being raided by unsightly pests. When you contact us, we will come and inspect the premise before determining the best way of controlling and stopping the infestation.
    • Institutions. Pests have a tendency to invade institutions such as schools and hospitals. Whether you have a nursing home or school, we will help you to get rid of the pest problem in a way that is environmentally responsible, safe and compliant with the regulations that your institutions is supposed to follow.
    • Research centers. When you want to control pests in your research center, we can help. We understand that you need to maintain a controlled environment even as you protect the research facility’s integrity.
    • Animal rescue centers. If you have a facility that houses animals, you definitely understand that this can be a magnate for pests. This is the reason why it is important to protect and maintain an environment that is free of pest with the best pest control.

    Contact our pest control company Oakland today and we assure you that you will not regret.