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Silverfish are common sights in the often humid Oakland bay area, especially during the rainy seasons.

If a silverfish is in your home, it is likely due to the conditions outside and inside the home provides a stable environment, especially if there may be a plumbing problem with leaky pipes or a dripping faucet. 

Silverfish love the humidity, and if you spot a silverfish in an area that is not humid, do a quick inspection in areas where humidity is common, suck us underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, near toilets, showers, bathtubs, or near outdoor areas where water commonly leaks, such as gutters. This is where your silverfish infestation could be commonly from. Regardless, when you call Pest Control Oakland today, you will get a thorough silverfish inspection, extermination, and prevention. Call (510) 900-5995 now!

Silverfish don’t only hang out in places of humidity, commonly they will be looking simply to hide out in your home. Silverifish will hide in boxes, cabinets, in the attic, basement, under the refrigerator, under siding, in lighting fixtures, in the laundry room, and other hidden areas. If there is a silverfish in your house, there is the possibility of other insect that are with them. When you call Pest Control Oakland, we are sure to search all around your home for other commons areas where others insects may be sneaking around and get them under control as well. 
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    Silverfish are silver insects with antennas. They have a larger head and as you move down the rest of their bodies they get smaller. 

    In the dark is where silvefish primarily lie, and particularly where it is humid. They eat starchy foods and mold for survival, so if there is something of the sorts nearby, that is prime ground for discovering silverfish nearby. Other food options for them include cereals, flours, book bindings, glue, wallpaper, and papers. Silverfish are notorious nuisance pests due to the damages that thy can cause for a home. 

    Silverfish will also lay eggs anywhere and everywhere in a home and once the eggs are laid, that’s when the real major infestations start. They can lay a number of eggs at a time, which could take about a month to hatch, and a couple months until it becomes a reproductive insect. So even if you think you may have killed all of the silver fish insects, just wait until those eggs reach their adult bodies and become reproducing insects themselves. 

    A good indicator of silverfish is evident if you see any molts lying around. They will continue to grow throughout their lives, and like many other types of invertebrate insects, will leave a layer of skin behind them as they  grow.

    Other signs of silverfish insects inside your home comes from the damages that they create when they begin eating your wallpaper, tablecloths, books, and other materials that they often will eat.  

    Get help finding where silverfish come from and get rid of them by calling in Oakland’s top silverfish control company today. We can be reached at (510) 900-5995 and provide free quotes over the phone!