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Are pests constantly causing trouble? Are you sick and tired of dealing with an infestation problem? If this is the case, you’ve come to the best exterminators in Berkeley, CA.

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We can’t stress this enough- if you see an infestation growing in or on your property you have to move quickly to get the right team in place for extermination. Our team of pest exterminators will effectively spot the problem, find a solution, implement the right extermination method, and clean & remove any animal substance still present.

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    There are various different methods and techniques to properly exterminate pests, insects, and rodents. Each animal is completely different. Identifying the habits while isolating the root of the problem is what will get rid of the problem quickly.

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    Many residents and business owners don’t understand there are many different indicators of an infestation sitting in plain sight. If you’re smart you will look for signs in your kitchen. Any leftover food laying around will entice insects, and rodents to eat whatever is available.

    Finding areas in the wall or garage that are open for entrance is also a big indication that pest traffic is flowing through. Be cautious when dealing with these infestations, there are many diseases that could be transmitted through. Bacteria and other harmful carriers can be brought into the house very easily.


      Insects are in a category of their own-when it comes to exterminating. Getting rid of insects isn’t easy at all. Besides having the best pest control company present to help; cleaning the whole property and kitchen will aid in getting rid of any available food for insects. Insects come inside for two reasons: searching for a source of food & warmth/protection. If you have the right expertise to destroy any possible available food source, this will drastically improve the presence of insects. Try it out, or give our team of pest control experts a call today!

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      Rodents are the worst to deal with- nothing’s easy about exterminating these annoying animals. Common rodent problems may include infestations from voles, moles, rats, mice, gophers, squirrels, etc. Some like to take over your yard like: voles, moles, gophers, and squirrels. While the others are commonly found in your house; mice & rats. Quickly realizing there is a problem will resolve the issue. If you see or hear rodents on your property-than there properly is.

      Berkeley pest control will isolate the root of the entrance point, exterminate the rodent, and provide the best removal & clean up service after the animals are effectively killed. If you’re having trouble with any of these infestations- stop waiting and give us a call so we can put the problem to bed.

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