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Constantly hearing rats or rodents running around in your attic? Are you unsure what’s going on? Most homeowners have to deal with roof rats on a daily basis. Don’t worry give our roof rat control company a call today for a an inspection and removal of the annoyance! (510) 900-5995 Roof rats have been bugging homeowners for years, and their plans to continue won’t stop anytime.

​Chances are if you hear roof rats running around in your attic in the daytime, you have a severe roof rat infestation problem. Regardless of the issue at hand, our experienced roof rat professionals will eliminate the threat. It’s always a hassle having to worry if your property is being infested and destroyed by rats. Let our roof rat technicians take care of the situation, so you can go back to living your life. Call us right now (510) 900-5995!

Roof rats, as the name suggests, like to stay above ground in roof, lofts, attics, tree branches, and on top of building structures. Rarely will you see roof rats living inside a property, they are nocturnal creatures by nature. Roof rats sleep by the daytime and spend their nights looking food. It is normal for a roof rat diet to consist with some of the same foods humans eat. Human foods like meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and other organic foods are common choices for roof rats.

The best thing to do to protect your kitchen food is to properly seal up everything in metal containers. Any food or crumbs left on a kitchen counter can be easy exposure for roof rats. If you take away potential roof rat food, they will have no reason to come in your kitchen. If you keep seeing roof rats running around your kitchen or other rooms, call us so we can come check out what the fuss is about! (510) 900-5995

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    Roof rats are commonly mistaken for many other rats because of their overall appearance. There are many differences between a roof rat and a Norway rat. The biggest difference is the rat size and shape. Roof rats are much smaller in build with a very log tail, often longer than the body size. On the other hand, Norway rats are much larger in size with a shorter tail length. Roof rats also have darker color fur than Norway rats.

    Chances are the problem your having in your house is a roof rat issue, not a Norway rat. Understanding how these rodents enter your residence is fundamental for exterminating them. Before one of our roof rat exterminator experts evaluates your property, examining any possible entry points or gaps in structure is smart. Once one of our roof rat technicians is on site a thorough examination of all garages, attics, and lofts will commence.  

    Once your property has been inspected for any indicators of a roof rat infestation, a proper extermination plan will be laid out with various different options. Each roof rat situation is different for homeowners. Some methods of roof rat extermination techniques our professionals lay out may be harmful to kids or pets, so deciding on the right extermination plan is key. The two most effective ways to exterminate any roof rat problem is to use rat traps and rat bait. If your looking for a way to get rid of roof rats, sometimes using both methods simultaneously will be extremely powerful.

    If your looking to exterminate and eliminate any future threat of a roof rat infestation, rely on the trusted professionals in Oakland to get the job done every time.  Don’t go through the stress of dealing with a roof rat infestation issue. Call our team of roof rat control experts right now if you have any concerns! Dial (510) 900-5995.