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Got moths flying all around your home and don’t know where they are coming from? Moths are very elusive flying things. They are very closely related to butterflies but moths don’t seem to get the adoration reserved for beautiful butterflies. There are over 6000 moth species found in California alone but absolutely none of them ought to be welcome guests in your home.  

Ever see moths flying aimlessly around your porch light? Don’t let this moth phenomenon fool you. Despite having an apparent attraction to light, you’ll never find the source of your moth problem in the light. Moths actually thrive and breed in dark, warm , and humid environments. Moths have a counter intuitive “attraction” to light according to popular belief.

But this is actually explained by the fact that moth evolution occurred without the presence of artificial light, and the navigation system of a moth depends on flying at an angle relative to a remote light source which was the sun and moon. The presence of artificial lights confuses the moth’s natural ability to navigate its surroundings and leads to the common sight of masses of moths flying aimlessly around your porch light at night. 

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    The real danger zone with moths is not in the light, it’s in the dark. If you see moths flying around your house it is more than likely that they came from somewhere else in your house and possibly were born there. There are two likely places in your home it is likely your moth problem originated, either your pantry or dry food storage area or from your closet or clothing storage. The type of moth infestation you are experiencing is most likely going to be determined by where they came from in your home. 

    Pantry moths are one of the major types of moth problems people experience here in Oakland. Pantry moths can be very difficult to exterminate because you don’t always know where they are coming from! Pantry moth eggs are often brought into peoples homes when they buy bulk dry goods, especially grain based bulk food items. If there are unsealed bulk food bins in your pantry it is very possible for eggs to develop and grow inside the containers.

    If grains are left uninspected for long periods of time there could be an outbreak of pantry moths ruining all your food and invading other parts of your home. In the event this goes unnoticed it is very likely that there will be a whole new generation of eggs all throughout any crack or crevice in your walls and floors ready to continue their parents’ mission and ruin any new food you place in the pantry. Don’t worry, the moth experts at Pest Control Oakland will make sure every last egg is destroyed without you breaking a sweat! Call (510) 900-5995 for a free Oakland moth exterminator quote!

    The other breed of those nasty flying moths you could be dealing with are the fabric eating variety, also known as the closet moth. These ugly butterflies will be found as larvae inside your clothing helping themselves to the all they can eat buffet that is your winter coat. This can be quite alarming to discover as you are getting your winter clothing out of storage in late fall. You’re late to the party that has been going on since spring when you put these clothes in storage and the moth eggs inside started to develop and feast. It is important to always inspect your clothing for any signs of moth presence, the most obvious would be moth holes but if you see those the damage is done. It is best to identify the moth eggs before they are able to destroy your wardrobe.

    If you are unsure if there are moth eggs in your clothing a common solution is to put any suspected contaminated clothing in a large bag and place in the freezer for a few days. This exposure to cold temperature will kill any moth eggs that may have been hiding inside the fabric. If this common solution of how to get rid of moth larvae is not effective it probably means your moth problem is coming from another source.

    ​Despite your best efforts, many times these nasty things will find a way to thrive anywhere there is a fabric based food source for them in your home. It is actually quite common to find moth larvae inside carpet. You may think you’ve taken every step necessary to sterilize your home after a moth infestation, but soon discover moth larvae showing up everywhere. Moth eggs are very small and very difficult to detect in the tiny spaces inside clothing, carpeting, or any porous material. If larvae keep showing up throughout your home it’s time to call Pest Control Oakland at (510) 900-5995 for a thorough egg-stermination! See what I did there?

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