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Rodents can be a major problem particularly in the bay area. Here in Oakland and surrounding cities like Berkeley, El Cerrito, and San Ramon, the environment is perfect for the reproduction of many rodents. With many hills, forested areas, and trees all around, it’s the area where mice and rats will naturally be living.

Mice will commonly look to houses and buildings throughout the year, and particularly during the Fall and Winter, in search of a warmer and a stable environment where they can get food, be safe, and quickly reproduce. 

If you see a mouse or mouse droppings, get a hold of a mouse control expert to inspect for mice before it turns into an infestation. We will make the necessary repairs and get rid of the house mice or deer mice.

Signs of mice can be hard to find unless you listen carefully throughout the night and keep an eye out for any mouse droppings, signs of gnawed on materials, mice footprints, and holes dug outside. Some mice will dig holes where they will build their mice nests. 

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    Mice are most active at night when it is dark. Since they are so small, they are also incredibly quiet, except when you can hear them scratching and gnawing on things. 

    Keep your eyes peeled for mice droppings. It will usually look point and be less than a quarter inch long. 

    Sniff around for signs of mice urine and feces. Mouse urine is very pungent and smells pretty strong when there is an accumulated amount of pee. 

    Once they have found a warm place inside your house, they will spend their time looking for food and gnawing and tearing apart parts of your structure to get to it. They will bite wires and pipes and squeeze through openings like door gaps to get in and out of places. Mice  can actually cause a lot of damage to the foundation of a home. We also do mouse damage repairs and help seal up your home for any parts of the house that are allowing a mouse in. Whether it be something that the mice have created themselves, or something that is wrong with the actual structure, like too wide of door gaps. 

    House mice are common in every part of north America. This particular rodent species is prevalent all throughout the world. It has strong hearing and squeaks to communicate with other mice. You may hear these mouse squeaks when they are out and about at night. 

    If you see the mouse, you may notice that it is black, brown, light brown, and even gray with short hairs on it’s body. 

    Mice are known transmitters of many diseases. They also can carry other pests along with them, like fleas, mites, and ticks. Be sure to take care of your mouse infestation as soon as you catch wind of it, and call up Pest Control Oakland today to take care of all of your mouse control dilemmas. We do mice inspections, set up mouse traps, and do mouse baiting. (510) 900-5995

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