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There are many different species that can be defined as pests, but there aren’t too many more aggravating than dealing with the various insects that invade homes, destroy property, suck your blood, spread disease, and just are an overall nuisance in the household. Call (510) 900-5995

Insect exterminators are highly valued in the Oakland, CA. With the special kind of environment that the Oakland bay area offers, there are a ton of special little insects that are pestering the homeowners, businesses, and properties all around Oakland and nearby cities. Luckily, there is a leading insect exterminator company that can take care of all of your insect problems that you may be facing.

The technicians in our pest control company have been operating in the local bay area for a long time. The owner, Mario, has been providing pest control to the bay area for the last 22 years, and many of his technicians have worked for some of the various big pest control companies, and have taken their experience to provide the best insect control in Oakland. 

If you are facing a problem with a couple pests, a hundred pests, a thousand, or even a million annoying insects, give Pest Control Oakland a call today to get a free quote over the phone and an explanation of the service we provide. Call (510) 900-5995

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    We all have problems with pests. We have since the beginning of our existence, and we have always tried to do something to get rid of them. Thankfully, since we have all been around and living in the bay area, there have been pest control companies who can help manage most people’s pest control problems, particularly taking care of insect infestations that may be on a property. 

    Of the insects that will commonly infest properties in the Oakland area, and there are a lot of them, we provide insect extermination services for: cat fleas, dog fleas, house flies, fruit fliessilverfish, garden spiders, black widows, brown-recluse spiders, german roaches, american cockroaches, moths, wasps, bees, and beetles.

    Each type of insect usually will have to be managed differently from the others. We may end up having to use pesticide control chemical treatment, spraying, heating, trapping, baiting, fumigating, or other techniques for the killing of your insects. Whichever course of action we take, it will be using state and association approved products that once we leave, will not be harmful to you or your family.

    Some insects ride on the backs of other problem animals, and we may end up having to take care of different kinds of pests when you call us for insect extermination. Rats, mice, and other rodents are commonly known to carry fleas on their backs and that may have been the cause for your flea problem. If that is the cause, we will take care of your fleas and rats during our visits and hopefully bring some sanity and calmness in your home, and there will only be humans and the animals you want on your property. 

    For ants, we usually will utilize an ant baiting technique, and spraying to finish them off. The ant baiting usually will involve setting up ant baits around your home and outside on your property that the worker ants are attracted to. They will then go after the ant bait and take it with them to feed the rest of their colony. The problem with this ant bait is that it is actually a slow poison that takes a few days to kill the ant, so when they take it back to feed their colony, it will hopefully destroy the entire colony and your ant problem will be no more.

    Silverfish, spiders, fleas, flies, and the other insect problems that happen in the house, you can call us today to start having the insects exterminated. We can be reached at (510) 900-5995

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