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Are there small critters bugging you? We know that when the weather starts to warm up, irritating pests start seeking refuge in our homes. For a long time, Alameda pest exterminators have offering home and business owners reliable pest control remedies. We are proud of maintaining the same reputation since the beginning. Our professionals are local residents hence they give fast and dependable pest extermination services. Don’t allow anything to sting you this summer. Call (510) 900-5995 to get an estimate for Alameda Pest Control.
About us
We are efficient exterminators and we ensure that you get reliable and quick solutions if you need a termite or pest control regime. Make us your pest control experts from today. Our services have helped Alameda residents for many years as we strive to offer our clients competent and clear pest reports that they can comprehend. Whether you have an infestation of wasps or any other stinging pests, call us and we will be glad to work with you.
Our team consists of certified exterminators from Oakland and surrounding regions. We don’t discriminate against commercial or residential properties. Contact us today to get an appointment with an accredited exterminator. You may also find out what our customers say about us by reading customer reviews on google.

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    ​Our employees are highly trained, creative, and they are knowledgeable as far as current legislation is concerned. Their job is to make sure that clients enjoy a pest-free environment. These technicians got your business and home covered. The plan entails control mechanisms for more than 30 popular pests. Often, we train our exterminators to equip them with modern techniques that relate to the apparent season of the year. All professionals understand the whole process of tracking nagging pests, how to eliminate them, destroy their habitats, and close all entry points. Some of the pests we control include:

    Besides, we can help with bird control around your home. Our approaches are strictly organic and the experts will evaluate your whole property and come up with a method to remove unwanted wilds and prevent their return.

    Effective chemicals
    All of our exterminators in Alameda use effective and volatile products which go beyond efficacy of conventional pest chemicals. We have reliable and approved chemicals for pest extermination. We offer a wide array of organic insecticides and pesticides which guarantee safety of your kids and pets.

    Our exterminators are proven safe to hire 

    In California, all exterminator companies are required to obtain license from department of pesticide regulation for outdoor services and another one from structural pest control board for indoor services. It is advisable to get both licenses. As an extra duty, our company takes responsibility of any damages caused by say termites and as such, we are licensed as contractors. However, licenses are not a proof of satisfactory services and that is why this company bases its services on principles such as honesty, real value, and client satisfaction. Our staffs are scrutinized through customer call surveys to verify their professionalism. Our company has been accredited by independent research and passed the 5 prerequisites of an exterminator company namely:

    • Liability insurance for client protection
    • Legalized employees
    • Competency
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Values and results

    Call for a free estimate

    Call us if you need a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property. We will give a detailed report of you pest control need as well as a free estimate for the service. As soon as you make up your mind, we shall be ready to start our job on the spot.

    All over Alameda, our exterminator crews service townhouses, homes, commercial buildings, and other properties. We put safety and health of our clients first, and that’s why we use techniques of minimal impacts to homes and buildings.

    Call (510) 900-5995

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