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Bugs are common household pests, causing a lot of irritation and distress. When bugs are left to thrive more, they become a bigger issue. Many homeowners fail to identify their careless actions which leads to increase in bug population. A large bug population clearly shows a serious bug infestation problem reigning in a home. Residents find it more difficult to carry on with their lives once it attains its critical levels.

We are a bug exterminating company providing service in Oakland. We have what it takes to completely extinguish these pests from your home. All it takes is a few practices to wipe them out and quite a number to prevent them from ever invading your home again.  Give us a call on this number (510) 900-5995 for assistance.

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    To assist you identify an infestation, here are the general signs:

    Droppings – This is the simplest way to know your home invader. Each pest gives a different pest droppings from the other. For example, a roach droppings looks like coffee pellets. They can be spotted in drawers and cupboards, near food sources.

    Lifeless bugs – Another way to spot a bug infestation is by spotting numerous lifeless bugs lying around. You will agree with me that these bugs will share the same species if you noted this.

    Roaming bugs – These bugs will surely annoy you at times. They roam aimlessly around the house in the day hours in search of food. Some of these bugs have a technique of attracting their fellow scouting bugs once they spot a source of food. Ants leave behind an odor which will attract other scouting ants to their food. They will thereafter carry it to their colonies where their queen and the rest await them. This could be a perfect way for you to find their colonies and anguish them wholly.

    Foul odor – During a bug infestation, one can easily recognize it by encountering their foul smell. These bugs possess a distinct odor magnified by their reigning populations.

    Tracks –  Once bugs spot a food source, they move back and forth from this source to their colony. In their activities, they move in defined lines which you will identify. It is important not to be quick to spray them with a pesticide if you haven’t traced it to the colony. Your biggest enemy is the queen which lays hundreds of eggs with time.
    Piles of dirt- This can also be referred as ant hills. You can come across them when you take a walk outside your home.

    After you have identified the bug infestation, here are the step you should follow before hiring a professional:

    Garbage – Take out the garbage if you keep it indoors. Keep the garbage bin empty and clean. 

    Sinks – Clean your dishes in time and ensure your sink is empty and clean.

    Sealing food – Seal food packages to make it hard for the pests to retrieve them.

    Vacuuming – Using a vacuum cleaner, keep your home free from food crumbs which attracts bugs.

    These above steps will not get rid of the bugs but will constrain their populations. Ring us on this number (510) 900-5995 and we will offer our best services to you.

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