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Our company is a full-fledged pest control and extermination company that serves many areas amongst them being El Cerrito. Contact us at (510) 900-5995

We provide pest control services to residents as well as commercial entities with the most effective results. Having been doing so for over the past fruitful years now, we can proudly tell you that we are the best among the best. In fact. When you have a problem with any type of pests, you should not tire looking for different choices to compare. Come to us, we engage each other, listen to you and advise you accordingly. We shall also advance the most effective but affordable pest control services in the whole of El Cerrito.

To talk to us, you can do so via the quotes form on this page or by calling (510) 900-5995. You can have your inquiries or requests for free estimations through the two channels.

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    What makes us unique and the most sought after company is the swiftness and effectiveness in which we handle your issue. We understand that pests like wasps and bees, and spiders can cause the worst of nightmares even during the day when they invade your privacy. As some of them are very dangerous, nobody would want to have them around them. Even for the other pests that might not be harmful to human beings but worry him in other ways are a concern. Our team has trained and gained massive skills in dealing with all of them. We have a control and extermination program that takes care of them completely leaving a healthy environment for you and your people as well as pets and animals.

    Our methods of pest control are the most environmental-friendly and competent. The products that we use have zero percent of the second generation anticoagulants like brodifacoum, difethialone, difenacoum, and bromadiolone. As governments are consistently discouraging people from using such products like rat poison, we are also I line with that. We have completely done away with them, and we use are baits, traps, smoke, house heaters plus other non-toxic sprays and pesticides.

    We assure you that your family, guests, pets and animals are safe when we land on the pests. We smoke them out of those hiding places, trap the ones that can be trapped with baits and traps. For others like flies, fleas and others that do not need traps, we have options for spraying them. Such insects like bees and wasps might not be so affected by killing them. They might instead turn against us especially when they are provoked. The best solution for them is to smoke them, destroy their nets, any remains, foods or particles that attract them and destroy or seal all possible entry and exit points.

    With those strategies laid out well, you are guaranteed of a service that will give you a peace of mind for the longest time possible. Talk to our experts and get to engage each other on what the best methods are depending on the types of pests as well as the levels of infestation. Call (510) 900-5995  and request our estimations. To get more and send in questions, do so through the quotes form that is on this page. Our experts will follow up on the case immediately and advise you accordingly.

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