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Many homeowners do not care much about pests invading their gardens. However, when the pests and rodents get into their homes, they will immediately run for the spray can but realize that this is not a long-term solution to a pest problem. If you have a severe pest infestation inside and outside your home, it is time to contact an environmentally friendly pest control-Oakland.

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According to the CDC, majority of people in America have a mixture of about 43 pesticides in their bodies. These chemicals are known to cause various health problems like birth defects, cancer, problems of the reproductive health and other neurological problems. If chemical pesticides should be used, this should only be done as a last option in preventing pests in our homes as well as in gardens.

We are Proactive

As the leading green pest control company in Oakland, we understand that you need pest control services that are environmental friendly. Where we make applications, we ensure that we only concentrate on the exact target areas and apply the product necessary for the elimination of pest. When it comes to green pest control, a key component is in preventing infestations.

​When you become proactive, this helps to minimize the amount of pesticides that will need to be used. The fact that we use a green extermination solution does not only help to get rid of pesticides but also ensure that the space is safe and free of chemicals.

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    We use certified green products

    A key component of our environmentally friendly pest control-Oakland is in using green products. Our technicians ensure that they use integrated pest management methods that focuses on inspection as well as getting rid of an environment that is pest friendly by removing foods and other areas that harbor pests.

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    Whether you are searching for green pest exterminators for your residential or business premise, you can rely on our wide range of pest control solutions that are eco-friendly and include freeze and heat treatment that doesn’t use any chemicals. Our innovative green pest extermination methods are appreciated by customers who are afraid of the use of chemicals and effectively remove unwanted pests and other hazards that are associated with using pesticides.

    We use an approach that is natural and this guarantee that there aren’t any side effects. We ensure that you are comfortable in your home as well as business.

    Our approach

    We use natural minerals in our green program such as silica, boric acid, diatomaceous earth powder together with the organic plant based products. We also use the materials made using plant oils like thyme in our spray forms to ensure that we offer an effective but natural pest extermination solution. Many of these products come with that natural floral scent that you will love.

    We also recognize the fact that some pests like German cockroach cannot be effectively controlled using the green pest control products. Therefore, we opt for a low impact and low toxic bait gel that keep them in some strategic areas that it is out of children’s and pet’s reach.

    We ensure that the products that we choose for use in our home and business are approved by EPA. This is on top of ensuring that our products are mild and low-risk causing the least impact to our families, pest and the environment. Our technicians are not only highly-trained but they are also licensed by the state. Therefore, whether we go for green, synthetic or even a combination of these option, we will be not being making a choice between the safe and the risky but it will all depend on your personal preference. We want to ensure that we take into consideration your wishes and you are as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to see that all our clients are pleased with the results.

    Our pest control company in Oakland ensures that there are no side effects. This is even though we use materials that can offer quick control and knockdown of a wide range of outdoor as well as indoor pests such as spiders, ants, fleas, roaches and many more.