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Bugs inhabit just about every nook and cranny on the surface of Earth. Their are millions of species, but that doesn’t matter, we’re concerned about the ones that are bothering you. Call (510) 900-5995

Pest Control Oakland is a company that employs green and environmentally friendly pest control tactics. We know this world is moving towards a more organic style of handling things, we want to treat this planet with respect. Particularly in California and the Bay area, where it is relatively progressive, there are tons of Oaklnd residents who desire a environmentally friendly way of handling pests and animals. 

The chemicals and methods we use are safe for the environment and approved by the very fickle and strict California Pest Control and Exterminator Departments. 

We utilize many catch and release methods for handling certain types of animals, and particularly mammals, we can utilize a cage to catch possums, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and other similar creatures and realease them away from your property. 

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    Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you should feel the safest. It can be very upsetting when vermin come to call and then overstay their welcome. Do you have a persistent insect problem that you can’t control, but want to enjoy living in a home that hasn’t been sprayed with dangerous chemicals? When you hire pest-control companies that spray synthetic pesticides, you’re putting your own health, and the health of your loved ones, at risk.

    ​ Did you know that pesticides can slowly build up in your body over time, and that they’re especially dangerous for children’s growing bodies to be exposed to? You can protect your family by hiring us. Our company provides a safer, and very effective, way to rid your home of an infestation. Contact us, and ask us to perform an inspection today. You could be well on your way to turning your house back into a place you’re happy to call home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does it mean when you say you use ‘green’ pest control?

    We prioritize keeping the living things on our planet healthy. Our environmentally-safe insecticide contains only ingredients that are naturally occurring on the earth, not synthetic, and potentially harmful, chemicals made by people. We use plant-based oils in our spraying that don’t hurt humans, but that will eradicate insects.

    What kinds of insects/other pests does it work on?

    Our method works on silverfish, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ants, hornets, millipedes, beetles, and centipedes. Our licensed professionals will thoroughly inspect your home and work with you to employ the best course of action in getting rid of the infestation. Different pests call for different eradication methods, and we’ll make sure to create a plan of treatment that’s specific to your home, the kind of infestation, and you and/or your family’s personal needs.

    Is spraying all that you do to get rid of pests, or do you use other methods too?

    Spraying isn’t the only intervention we use to eliminate an infestation. We can also use a variety of physical methods like putting down sticky traps, blocking small openings that insects could crawl through, and vacuuming. We’ll communicate very closely with you to make sure you’re satisfied with all of the methods we’re using.

    What about my pets; is the treatment bad for them?

    No. We’ve made sure that our product is pet-friendly as well as human-friendly. It also leaves behind a deterrent that prevents the infestation from occurring again. It will keep the invaders at bay, while being entirely safe for the animals that you love.

    As a company, we pride ourselves on our high standards. We truly believe that we are the right company for you, and we will strive to prove it. Use us to combat infestations at your home, your apartment, or your commercial residence.

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