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Why you should leave exterminating to an Oakland Exterminator

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Most homes will experience their fair share of uninvited pests, but not every infestation means you need to get straight on the phone to Oakland exterminator. There are different types of pests, and some you may be able to get under control yourself.


Ants are among the most common pests in the world, and I’m pretty sure they’re one of the main reasons someone would call in an Oakland exterminator. One thing you may not know about ants is that they can be easily dealt with without the help of a professional. There are many over-the-counter products you can get from a wide variety of places that can help prevent, repel and exterminate colonies of ants.

Ants are probably one of the only pests that I would advise a person to attempt to treat themselves, due to the nature of how simple a task exterminating them can be. All it takes is some boric acid mixed with honey or bread to get rid of the whole lot, and there is minimal work required. However, if you’re having difficulty getting rid of an ant colony for whatever reason I wouldn’t hesitate to call a professional pest exterminator to help you get rid of them.

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    Pests such as cockroaches and ticks can cause serious harm to your health, with roaches being known for carrying diseases such as Salmonella and tick bites being prone to causing Lyme disease. Calling a pest exterminator can help mitigate the risk to your health by these pests, and the experience they have in making sure the environment will be safe during and after treatment of the pests is invaluable. You should also almost certainly consider calling a pest exterminator if you have an infestation of bees or wasps, as they can also potentially harm you. Exterminators can also perform a removal of bee nests without killing them, which is common due to their vital role in maintaining the ecosystem.

    My advice is, unless you’re feeling somewhat brave, or you have done it before, call a qualified pest exterminator if you ever get an infestation of some pesky pests. Like I have mentioned before, ants can be quite easy to deal with, but if you are unsure in the slightest then it is best to leave it to a professional who knows what they are doing.

    Most pest removals include using dangerous chemicals, and if you are not trained you could easily end up harming yourself, your children, or your pets. Most of the time, it is simply not worth the risk. Make sure you hire a qualified pest exterminator if you’re thinking of taking that route. The more experienced the better. The best thing you could do to avoid all of this hassle would be to take as many preventive measures as possible, using proven repellents and keeping your house as clean as you can is a great way to start.

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