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If you are looking for the appropriate team to help you deal with a pest menace in your home, business, or workplace, grab your phone and call (510) 900-5995 for our Oakland exterminators to come to your property. 

We are a company that is always at a customer’s service at any time, ready to help them exterminate such pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, and silverfish.

We are a call away and when you call, be sure to ask for a free quote before committing to buying our service. You may also want to leave us your contact details by filling out the quotation form on this page for an easy follow-up.

For all the different types of pests, we have different ways of exterminating them. We use traps, baits, chemicals, and for some, we use even aerosols to choke them out of their hiding places for an easy extermination process.

​The method and equipment also depend on the population and how much they have invaded your premises.

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    Our team has skilled staff members who are knowledgeable in every dimension of pest extermination. From identification of their hiding grounds to their breeding spaces to their entrance and exit points, we can fight them from all directions, until we are sure that your rooms are safe from them. The team starts from identifying the presence of the pests. Most of them will be identified by their faucet waste, food droppings along house rails, their destruction trails, nests, homes’ structures and even their physical presence when they leave their homes. (510) 900-5995

    After identifying that, we determine how much work will be needed based on the population, damage and the infestation level. We can also at this point come up with the best strategy to use to smoke them out and destroy them or kill them from their hiding places. After we are sure that they are dead, we put into place a customer care service for you for a follow up all through, just in case some new breeds decide to visit or some eggs were left, hidden deeper into the hiding corners.

    Whenever you notice the presence of these pests, whether the grownups or all the young ones in the age, do not hesitate and wait for the disaster in waiting. Give us a call and schedule a visit from us to your place for instant action. Our team will offer you the best service, befitting your investment and it will surely give you back the value for your money and time and guarantee you and your family some peace of mind.

    Call our main line at any time, which is, (510) 900-5995 and book these services that will for sure be your fresh breather, after we get your premises free of invasion and attacks. Get to fill out the quotation form on this page and leave us your contact details for an easy follow-up process. You will also get to have a free quote and estimations done for you by our experts on call and the ground. (510) 900-5995

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