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Wildlife control is an issue that many home and business owners must deal with, from ant infestations to rodents.

While some pest control service companies only focus on one type of these pests, we can take on a job involving any of them, and more!

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Pest control Orinda makes the task of taking care of these pesky critters easy and hassle free, with just a phone call or click!

One of the most common services that people request from pest control service Orinda is ant control and removal. This is the number one pest in the United States, and it very commonly seen both in and around homes.

The number of ants in a colony can easily get into the millions; they can travel quickly in trails into homes, and are experts at finding accessible food sources.

They thrive in warm, wet weather, making them a big nuisance in the spring and summer months for many homeowners.

Our pest control services keep us very busy, along with the other insect exterminations that we offer. Call (510) 900-5995.

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    Other common pests that can cause a great deal of havoc to your home are rats and other rodents. These species are very invasive and often make their way into homes without immediately being noticed. Very unsanitary creatures, rodents can spread disease, chew through fabric and even electrical wires, get into food, and more.

    If you notice any signs that your home might be infested with rodents, it’s best to call us right away. We offer plenty of mouse and rat removal services to get these pesky creatures out of your home!

    While sharing this world with wildlife can be a very fun and beautiful thing to experience, sharing your home with them is a different story! We offer a variety of wildlife control services here at pest control service Orinda to match the wide variety of wildlife that could be causing problems in your home or business. This includes squirrel control, raccoon and opossum removal, and other types of animal control. If any of these species, or more, are causing problems in your home or place of business, call us today! (510) 900-5995

    Pest control is a very common issue for many homeowners, and going about it can be quite a hassle. pest control service Orinda is here to help make the task of removing these pesky critters easy and painless. No one wants to share their home or place of business with ants, rodents or other pests, so call us today!