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Having pest invasion? Feeling like your home is no longer yours? Pest control Pacheco is here to the rescue. We are a company which was created after a thorough research about pest reports and destruction caused by pests in our state.

​Our aim is to get rid of any pest that may cause diseases or disruption to properties. We are delighted to help you solve your pest problems for we have confidence in our highly effective treatment services.


Pest control Pacheco offers a variety of pest control services, such as rat removal, animal control, wildlife control, insect exterminator, and squirrel control.

We use many pest control methods such as mechanical pest control, physical pest control and elimination of breeding grounds. We have all kinds of animal traps to capture any kind of animal, large or small in wildlife control. Our trapping equipment’s and  well trained experts are 100% effective and no animal will be killed or severely wounded unnecessary.

All of these  pest control methods are environmental friendly, which will not cause any harm to your health or your properties.

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    We consider Inspection as an important first step to carry out in getting rid of pests or animals. After inspection, we propose the best effective control method depending on the kind of invasion.

    Selection of the best effective control method

    Once we know the affected area and the type of the pests or animals. We will use the chosen methods to remove, exterminate and control the breeding grounds by using the best available methods.

    These may include:

    Set off traps or place bait to lure animals such as rats, wild animals, and squirrels. Exclusion is an important technique we also use when you don’t necessarily want to kill those squirrels and cute little animals. We will exclude them from going where you don’t want them to be.

    Fumigation is also another method of pest control that we use, we fill an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate or poison the pests within your home, don’t worry these chemicals won’t affect you in any way. We guarantee you that when we fumigate your place; you will get the best satisfying results without any doubts.

    We are not trying to be braggarts, but we sure have reasons why you should get your phone and call us if you have a pest infestation.

    Competent professionals

    • We have professionally skilled personnel who will always be at your services and are trained to properly and safely fumigate or exterminate pests. We are highly confident with them because we have personally equipped them with knowledge about all the necessary control and elimination methods, your home is safe with them.
    • We provide after services weeks later to ensure there are no traces of pests coming back to your house again. We also do regular follow-ups to ensure that our services are of great satisfaction.
    • We are an ALL IN ONE pest control company that will provide you with all pest control methods for any pests and animals invading your home, which saves you time and money to call different exterminators for different pests and animals.
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