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We, at Rat Control San Lorenzo, take your concerns very seriously. A rat is a type of rodent known to many as a pest. Most common species found in the US are the Norwegian rat and Roof rat. Norwegian rat is also termed as the brown rat and can be found in people’s homes and sewage lines.

On the other hand, the Roof rat is much smaller compared to the brown rat and possess a long tail. In addition to this, a roof rat has a grey or blackish body. Just as its name suggests, roof rats have a thing for raised grounds or surfaces. You can mostly spot them on trees, walls, lofts and roofs.

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Behavior and facts.
Rats find or create ways in which they can use to enter your home. They find their suitable spot and set up their nests from plant remains and cloths they have gathered.  

their strong senses such as smell and hearing, they locate your food sources. Rats use their strong teeth to tear through their food barriers and begin to dig in. Furthermore, rats can leave to almost two years but many fail to complete their first year.

Rats feed on various foods like fruits, nuts and grains.

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    ​Signs of a Rat Infestation in your Home
    To assist you in detecting a rat infestation in your home, here are the gathered signs for you to look out for you to be completely certain:

    • Rat Burrows – In their expedition for food, rats have a culture of making holes and ways to their food sources. Once you come across any one of these, you will have located one of their traffic.
    • Droppings – Their droppings are dark in color and can be located near their sources of food or traffic. You can spot it in the cupboards or drawers in the kitchen area. More so, it resembles a rice grain.
    • Odor – This not only applies to rats alone but also to many pests invading your home. Each pest infestation has a distinct smell which fills a home. In the case of a rat infestation, the odor is characterized by the presence of droppings and urine.
    • Scratches – Rats have a habit of leaving evident marks in their traffic. For you to erase your doubts, you can simply carry out and inspection. Using a torch, focus the light on all sides of its traffic and carefully observe.
    • Nests – As mentioned before, rats set up their place of rest by collecting soft materials around them such as pieces of cloth and plant remains. A nest is easy to identify since they are done to perfection in ways no human can.

    Dealing with a Rat Infestation
    Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? Do you want to make this problem vanish once and for all? Sadly, we aren’t dealing with birds in this subject. Let them be served in your dinner plate after you have ended your infestation misery.

    To deal with a rat infestation, you can consider the following ways:

    • Food shortage – You will have to create a food shortage for these pests. Keep all food away from their reach and do the same for their water supplies. Fix leaking pipes and keep all taps closed.
    • Traps – This could be an ideal option if you don’t want to end up with a dead rat filling your home with a horrible stench as compared to using rat poison.
    • Cats – Cats can be a suitable alternative to tackle the matter head on. 
    • Hiring a professional-  You can hire a professional to take care of the situation. This is an option which grants you the chance to turn your attention back to what is required. 

    Hiring a rat exterminator.
    When it comes to providing rat control measures, we are highly trained in this field. We are located in San Lorenzo, open to any home or business owner facing this issue. Call (510) 900-5995 now.