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Unless it’s a pet rat in your home, nobody appreciates what kind of havoc a rat could potentially be bringing in your home. In highly populated cities like Oakland, there are often a ton of rat problems that homes and businesses frequently are having to deal with. When you find or hear signs of rats in your, particularly rat droppings, rats in the attic, basements, on the porch, or in the walls, it can be pretty bad news.

Our rodent control company will frequently help homeowners and businesses with setting up rat traps and using rat baits to get rats off of your property. Rat control can be a tricky problem to deal with. We make it easier on you. Whether you are dealing with roof rats, norway rats, and even rats that are infested with fleas, we will be there to treat any and all rodent problems in the bay area. 

We also do repairs that are caused by rats. Rats have incredibly sharp teeth that can even pierce through wood! To get into your home or business, unless the rat scurried in when the door was open, they often will bite there way in. Since they can really squeeze their  bodies through tight crevices, it doesn’t take much for them to squeeze in, and once they do, they will create a nest that they will start quickly reproducing in. Call (510) 900-5995 to get rat control and help setting up rat traps and repairing damage.

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    Setting up rat traps and baiting rats are the primary methods that we utilize when trying to exterminate rats from your home. Following an inspection, we locate the rats and seal up the entry points and set up baiting and traps near them to kill the ones that are still around. The rat traps we set up are lethal and quickly kill rats in a human fashion by snapping and breaking their necks so they aren’t in pain for too long. Trap and release is also an option, but they cannot be released remotely near your home or they will come back. We do not recommend this option since rats are overpopulated and commonly carry and spread many diseases. 

    Rat bait is how we draw in rats. Usually using food for rat bait is the norm. 

    Professional rat extermination is usually the preferred way for most people. Rat exterminators know how to properly set up the traps in an effective manner while also keeping them out of reach of your pets, and children. We set up the rat traps, and then we will come take care of the dead rats too. Call a rat exterminator for rodent control today at (510) 900-5995

    Rats are one of the most disease ridden pests that we will ever have to deal with. They are known to often carry fleas, and a ton of diseases along with them wherever they travel, and this is where they will often transmit the diseases. When rats get into a home, they will immediately begin reproducing until a rat infestation is thriving. They hide well and are usually nocturnal, so it’s not too often you will see them immediately. Once you see a single rat dropping, know that there could very well be more and you should spring into action immediately.

    Rats will damage floors, walls, chew wires, and bring in other pests with them. Norway Rats, or often referred to as sewer rats are a brown thick rodent species. They will often stay in the lower parts of your home unlike roof rats. Roof rats are great climbers, and they like to climb through walls and into the ceiling, dig through cabinets, hide in the attic, and try to get to where it is warm in the winter. 

    Locating the entry point of the rats is the first step to rodent removal. Rats hiding in the wall can be treacherous. There are usually a lot of wires in walls and they will often chew on them. In the attic, they could be gnawing on wood and getting a way with reproducing quickly without being noticed. 

    Get in touch with a professional rodent exterminator to set up your rat traps and provide rat baiting in your home. Call us at (510) 900-5995