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We are a pests’ control and extermination company that has been serving the residents and businesses around Oakland for over fourteen years now and counting.

Our clients’ base has expanded over the time since we offer the best services that anyone can get anywhere around Oakland.

Our services are guaranteed to last you for so many years to come, without a recurrence of the pests’ menace.

Of the services that we offer, one is dealing with the control and extermination of wasps.

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    Identifying the infestation of wasps might not be an easy task, despite them living in normally visible nests. This is because they might decide to create a home and breeding ground in areas that are not within reach. Establishing the infestation, therefore, requires the help of professionals, which is what we specialize in.

    ​Having professionals and skilled workforce becomes important because we have first to identify the species of wasps. This is meant to help in deciding the right and best methods of control and treatment. The other reason is that wasps might be mistaken with other stinging insects, for example, bees.

    After noting wasp’s nests in your premises, do not, and should never attempt to remove them by yourself. You might scare the wasps, and when they leave the nest, they will attack you plus anybody else in that premise. Instead, call us, and we shall help you deal with the menace, with guaranteed results and all that at a very affordable cost. Our highly-trained experts will then schedule a visit to your place and identify the wasps and the infestation degree, then settle down to work after giving you the estimations and agreeing on the terms.

    Despite having more than 4000 species of wasps, only a few of them are pests. Therefore, it gets important to do the control and elimination professionally, to make sure you deal with the right pests. Most of the wasps that we deal with are the hornets, paper wasps, and yellow jackets. The hornets, the largest social wasps, are the most common encounters with wasps control and exterminators. The paper wasps and yellow jackets are also widely available in most residential, agricultural, deserted, and commercial premises.

    Our staff members are fully trained on dealing with every species, and after selecting the best control methods, we set off to work. Our methods mainly involve physical removal, by smoking them out using such things as aerosols. We also use mechanical and insecticidal methods of control, all dependent on the level and type of infestation. After that, we make sure that we destroy every possible breeding ground and clean up every part of it. We also provide advice on cleanliness, which ends up deterring the wasps from visiting the possible breeding areas.

    Call wasp control oakland today using (510) 900-5995 or visit us to book our services. You might also want to fill out the quotation form on this page and either way, you will get a free quote and estimations done by our experts