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Most pest control jobs must be performed by a professional, but there are some methods you can try to drive them out or prevent any future pest with the following instructions. If you can’t prevent and you need this job done professionally then Pest Control Benicia is here to help. Call (510) 900-5995 to get a free estimate for our services. 

These little creatures are divided into three categories: Tree, ground, and flying. They can cause destruction in your home or property quite easily.

Tree squirrels nest within trees. That is why they are called that way. Buildings could be a second option, places like attics or garages.

They reach those areas by chewing holes from outside or finding current holes in the structure so they can store food or nest. They are also known for noisy behavior, so it is easy to identify them. Their activity is during the day from morning to afternoon.

Flying squirrels, on the other hand, are active during night time.

Ground squirrels do not climb any tree. Instead, they damage gardens and crops. They can be trapped and relocated to another place. Squirrels can be a challenge to control.

Squirrel control could be a real problem, there are a few methods you can try to deal with them, but the best solution is to hire a wildlife control company.

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    Seeing a lot of squirrels can be your first sign but seeing gnaw damage for nesting or food could be a good sign to know you have an invasion.

    The best one is noise. You can clearly hear their activity, for example in attics.

    Prevention is very important to avoid any damage or health problems related to squirrels.

    • Inspect for signs of squirrel activity:
    • Damage to the wood outside or in the attic.
    • Noisy activity in the attic.
    • Squirrels presence in utility lines.
    • Finding holes into the attic from inside your house.
    • Squirrels entering through the chimney.
    • Squirrels eating plants.
    • Small holes in the yard.
    • Squirrels droppings inside or outside.

    Habitat Modification:

    • Remove or trim limbs from trees near the roof of the house to prevent squirrels from jumping directly to the property.
    • Remove or relocate any bird feeders because it could be a source of food.
    • Install a simple wire fence to protect the garden.


    • This job should be left to a squirrel control company.

    Squirrels enjoy a peaceful night. There is a chance to drive them out using loud sounds and intense lights. Leaving a radio turned on with a good lamp near the nest can be an effective tactic because they want a good night’s rest without light and noise. We deal with mouse traps, roof rats, flies, wasps, insect extermination, bug control, termite treatment, beetles, and many more projects.

    Between the three categories, all are considered a serious problem. Some tactics could be used to drive them out, leaving a radio and an intense light where the nest is could drive them out of the attic because they want to rest peacefully.

    Be careful if you find baby squirrels in the attic because the mother can attack if you go close. Inspect for any sign of activity and perform habitat modifications to prevent any squirrel invasion.

    Pest control Benicia can perform a professional job leaving your house and property secure for any future pest, avoiding issues or health problems for your family.

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