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If, and only if you have a pet mouse on the loose in your house, there should not be any mice on the loose in your home. Mice infestations are a serious issue around the bay area due to the environment. Particularly in the Fall and Winter months in the bay area, mice often look for a shelter where they can stay warm and also have access to food. Plus, the inside of a home or a business is definitely appealing to a mouse where they don’t have to worry about the regular predators that they face in the wild. 

Once a mouse gets inside your home, they start to reproduce faster than any other rodents that you will have to face. Mice can also do damage to your property. To get inside your house, mice commonly will bite their way in creating holes inside your home to move through the walls, up into the attic, hiding in the garage, and an easy exit back outside to let their mouse friends know they have found shelter. 

To take care of mice, we will set up mouse traps to eliminate the rodents. Using mouse bait, we lure mice into our mice traps and begin the rodent extermination process of eliminating mice from the property. We provide mice control service to all cities in the bay area remotely near Oakland, CA.

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    Like most rodents, mice can cause major problems on a property other than their presence. Mice, like other rodents have sharp teeth that can pierce through wood. To get into a home, they will often bite their way in creating holes just large enough for their body to squeeze through and bring along other companions, not just other mice. Once inside, they will start to reproduce within the walls of a building where they will not be seen, enter an attic, or other areas within a property. Once there, since they are a primarily nocturnal rodent, they will wait to come out until the nightfall where they can sneak around in search of food. Keep your mice out of your today and call (510) 900-5995

    Mice are very small rodents, and it can be hard to spot them unless you are up at night. They are very fearful of humans and will scurry out of sight if they feel threatened. Which there incredibly slender bodies, they can easily squeeze underneath door frames, broken window screens, and through holes in the attic. Once inside, they may hide under your fridge looking for food that had been kicked underneath. 

    If you see rodent droppings, there is a highly likely chance that you are dealing with rats or mice in your home. You can also keep an ear out for scratching and scurrying sounds inside the walls and in the attic of your home. Rats and mice are also urinating and pooping all over your home too, so keep your nose peeled for that as well. It is a very strong musky smell usually. Mouse droppings are 1/4 long and are pointed. 

    If you know you are dealing with mice in your home, know that they can often be a tough battle to get rid of. First thing is first though, and you must have all points of entry sealed up. Until the repairs are done, mice will still be able to get in and out of your home, and the battle will become much harder. 

    Our company usually will deal with mice infestations by setting up mouse traps in the most frequently visited areas of mice while keeping the traps out of reach for your pets and your children. 

    Mice will commonly be present in attics because they like to use the insulation as nests. Setting up mouse traps in the attic as opposed to poisoning is one course of action so we know where the mice are when they die. When using rat or mouse poison, it can take days for the rodent to die, and if they die in a hard to reach place, then their decaying bodies can seriously stink up the house. 

    Mice can bring in other pests into your home. Their fur is known to carry along fleas, ticks, and mice, and introducing those pests into your home is something you definitely don’t want to have to deal with. They can spread disease to the mice as well as commonly look for human hosts once indoors. This is all the more reason to set up mouse traps as soon as they come into your home. 

    Keep your family protected and your business’ reputation solid and get your mouse traps set up today by using professional rodent exterminators. Call us now at (510) 900-5995 to get a free quote of mice control service.

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