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Having problems with fleas, whether the inside fleas or outside ones? Are you a resident or commercial entrepreneur in Oakland with real problems with fleas? Then call us at  (510) 900-5995, and we shall help you deal with the menace. It could be your home, servants’ quarters, hostels, lodgings, offices, or hotels. We have every capacity and capability to reach out to them and have an end to their havoc.

For a quick estimate, call (510) 900-5995 or fill out your request of the on below. Our representatives will be on standby to assist you with the best flea pest control

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    For over twenty years now, we have built an empire plus a name that cannot have a competitor in the entire Oakland. We have served our esteemed customers with the highest levels of decorum, discipline, professionalism, as well as effectiveness. As a result, they have run praises on our works which make our name shine up high above every other flea exterminator in Oakland. For all pests control services, we are the guys to call, and not just when fleas are giving you problems.

    For us, we have more than flea extermination. We phase them out entirely using the most advanced products. The best products that we use include a natural flea control one that involves the use of boric acid for the inside fleas. The outside fleas are also not spared where we use nematodes, that is, the microscopic parasitic worms that feed on flea eggs. The acid is more useful and preferred as it penetrates every possible hideout for the fleas. When used, it never misses on even the eggs and larvae.

    To have a complete treatment and extermination of the fleas or any other pest control need, do not hesitate to talk to us. Call (510) 900-5995 and let out team assist where necessary. They will also serve you with our quotations before we head off to your premises. For a clear description of your challenges, please fill out the form below. Leave us your questions or inquiries and let our experts follow up on the issues immediately after. They will also plan a visit to your premises for an inspection exercise.

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