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Having rats and mice in your home is never a good thing. They can cause damage to your furniture and belongings; plus, they can leave mice and rat droppings all around your house. Any rat infestation should be taken seriously.

​Rats and mice will mark their territory, if you’re not careful this will cause many unwanted issues. That can make your house smell and feel inhospitable. Call us today, to schedule an appointment with one of our exterminators.
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Have you seen the damage rats and mice can leave behind? It can be very ugly. This is exactly why you need to call a rat and mice extermination company like us. We can perform a whole range of services related to getting rid of as many rats and mice as possible. Not only that, but we can also clean up all the mess that the rats and mice leave behind.
Here are some of the things that we can do for you.

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    ​Yes, this means laying those famous crocodile traps for the rats. We can set up these traps in the places where the rats are most likely to be found. This is key.
    By laying traps with some sort of bait e.g. cheese, we can ensure that the rats and mice will come and be killed when the trap snaps and suffocate to the point of death.
    By using this technique, we can eliminate as many rats and mice as we can.
    Blocking access for the rats and mice rodents will get the job done.
    This relates to laying traps because what we are doing here is making sure we can remove access to certain areas for rats. Whether it is closing holes or opening space, we can get it done for you.
    If possible, we can put food out for them so that we can catch them alive and dispose of them in a humane way. 

    (510) 900-5995