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Invaded by pest and animals?  Suffer no more!
Fleas can cause restlessness for your cats, dogs and other pets.

Those cockroaches that crawl in the midnight hours can give you many a sleepless night, not to mention the treacherous rodents that are running everywhere.

You may try to get rid of insects by yourself, but we all know that that bug bomb or spray is just a band aid.  

We, at pest control Pinole have just the solution for you.  We will help get those bugs, rats, animals and ants out of your property and business premises, for good.


For years now, our pest control company has been helping local businesses and residential properties with many different animal, pest, rodent, and cockroach infestations. 

Unless we see the property or business that needs attention it will be very hard to give a fair and accurate estimation on what is needed to get the job done. 

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    We offer the following services

    • Animal Control – bats, mice, rats and others will haunt you no more.
    • Rat Removal – we set traps and baits for the rats and mice.  We also remove dead animals and any ‘trophies’ they leave behind.
    • Ant Control – we will unleash them from their source.
    • Squirrel Control – wherever they are hiding, we will find them.
    • Insect Extermination – we exterminate and fumigate wasps, flies, spiders and many other insects.
    • Wildlife Control – we get rid of opossums, moles, raccoons, skunks, and others.

    Why choose pest control -Pinole?Customer satisfaction is earned and that is why we handle you with high level of professionalism and esteem. Our highly skilled and professional squad is on call round the clock. They offer these services with excellence and respect.

    • General inspection of your business and residential premises that allows us to know what damage has been caused by the animals, pests and insects and the extent of it.
    • Fleas and other unsettling pest are fumigated and exterminated leaving no room for future ‘visits’.
    • Our equipment is top notch and efficient.  We use environmental friendly chemicals which are also approved.
    • By trapping and baiting the animals, we ensure that even those hiding in their warm holes have surfaced. We remove the dead animals and clean up after ourselves.
    • Having pest and animal control needs that need instant response?  We are only a call away.

    Pinole after Sales services
    There is a guarantee that comes with all our services.  We offer information to our customers on preventive measures to take in order to keep these critter and animals away from your home compound and commercial premises.  No pests or unwanted animals should come between you and your money.
    The frequency of our services to you depends on your need.  If you need us weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or any other time Pest Control Pinole has your back.

    In conclusion
    While we respect our competitors who offer one service at a time i.e. pest control or animal control etc. we have any pest and animal control related solution for you and hence will save you the trip of dealing with many companies at a go. Our flexibility, respect and pocket friendly costs are what keep us above our competitors. Make pest control Pinole your pest control company of choice.